Cathleen Quandt and Patrick Sheahan bring their respective experience and perspective to each project in a fluid collaboration. Cathleen, with a first degree in fine arts and a second in architecture, approaches with an eye to composition, color and materials. Patrick, with 35 years in both construction and architecture, brings an analytical approach and depth of experience in both residential and commercial work. Patrick began his career with solar and earth-sheltered design in the ’70s, and continues with a sustainable bent towards construction systems and materials selection.

Cathleen and Patrick have been designing together since 2000, and previously worked with highly regarded and widely published design firms: Cathleen with Cheng Design of Berkeley, and Patrick with Miller/Hull and Olson/Sundberg of Seattle.

Patrick and Cathleen execute all aspects of the design work through the smallest detail, believing that the success of a project hinges on the harmonious integration of function and aesthetic.